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Clear Space.
Clear Mind.

Organizing all areas of the home one step

at a time for a happier healthier nest.

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Your Organizing Expert

I became a Certified Professional Organizer because I love organizing and

I have a passion for helping others with the process. Organizing one space at a time will remove stress in your busy life and help you feel more in control of your home. 

Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. We all have that closet, cupboard or drawer in our home that we open and sigh (I must clean this out!) then we shut the door quickly.


Organizing is a process, a journey. My job is to inspire and motivate that process.

The thought of organizing can be overwhelming. Medical proven fact is that clutter causes anxiety. It is so satisfying to declutter and purge unnecessary items in your home. If you don’t love it or use it, it's clutter!


I hope to meet you soon and begin your journey for a happy and organized nest.


Kindly, Lori


At Your Service

Clients' Nests


My pantry was a hot mess and Lori worked her magic and turned it into an organized space for my busy family. I have had her come back and do multiple projects since then. My closets and cupboards are functional, organized and I love them!


Lori did an amazing job organizing my pantry! It looks absolutely beautiful and I'm so thankful for her organizing skills!


Without Lori, I would still be living with a cluttered pantry and closet. Her vision and ability to make it happen were exactly what I needed to get organized. I also love that she provided various products so that I could pick what worked for my budget and style. I highly recommend Lori and her services. 


Let's Flamingle!

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